Business Activities

  • UGIC’s principal business objectives are multi-focused:
  • To develop and promote industrial, chemical, Trading and energy related projects, primarily in the Gulf region.
  • To identify and invest in direct investment opportunities (private equity).
  • To invest in listed stocks and other financial instruments
  • UGIC access on an ongoing basis, a broad spectrum of green-field industrial, chemical and energy related opportunities. Current portfolio includes Gulf Ferro Alloys Company, Dhahran Chemical Industries & Marketing Company, and Yanbu National Petrochemical Company.
  • Further to the above, UGIC invests in equity & fixed income portfolios for trading - in diversified asset classes across regional and international markets
  • To capitalize on development of real estate projects with strong ventures and alliances

Most Important companies of UGIC

Gulf Ferroalloy Company (SABAYEK)

  • UGIC owns majority of SABAYEK. UGIC seeks to increase its share as far as possible in order to reach the total acquisition.
  • Manganese ore is the main raw material in manufacturing as well as quartz. These elements together constitute the most important cost in manufacturing (about 65%) besides Electricity cost. Therefore, in the long run, it is possible for the company to seek vertical integration by acquiring manganese and quartz mines locally, and benefiting from solar energy in light of vision of 2030 of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • UGIC seeks long-term exit through listing the company as a long term plan to reach a value of 2-3 billion riyals.
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Dhahran Chemical Industries & Marketing (DCIM)

  • UGIC owns a decent stake in DCIM that is expanding in Kingdom of Saudi Arbaia and Emirates.
  • Expansion plans:
  • The company increased its production capacity by 30% in 2014 and added a fifth reactor in 2015.
  • It’s building a new administration building.
  • A sixth reactor added in 2017
  • Company expanding in Dubai 2018
  • Company has strong partnerships and has a bright future.

United Gulf Trading (UGT)

  • Founded by UGIC in December 2016
  • It is 100% owned by UGIC.
  • Company Activities:
    • Trading Arm in raw materials and various minerals
    • Acquisition of raw material mines around the world
    • Investment in petroleum services
    • Investment in logistics and transport
  • UGT will aim to attract strategic foreign
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