History of UGIC

  • Incorporated in 1991, UGIC is a public shareholding company listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange with paid up capital, BD 20 million. UGIC is considered a pioneer in identifying, developing, financing and sponsoring of industrial projects in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and beyond.
  • Since inception, UGIC has played a pivotal role in fostering the successful growth of notable industrial projects, such as; United Stainless Steel Company (founding shareholder, divested), Gulf Ferro Alloys Company (majority shareholder) and Dhahran Chemical Industries & Marketing. United Gulf Trading company (founding shareholder).
  • Building on UGIC’s Goodwill, the strength of it’s Board of Directors and ownership profile, UGIC is exceptionally placed to further capitalize on the phenomenal growth of the GCC and surrounding economies with strategic alliances.
Year Net Profit (Bahraini Dinar)
2007 BD.2.4 million
2008 BD.2.67 Million
2009 BD 3.54 Million
2010 BD. 4.52 Million
2011 BD 183 Thousand
2012 BD 2.7 Million
2013 BD 8.26 Million
2014 BD.677 Thousand
2015 BD(4.3) Million
2016 BD 914 thousand
2017 BD 916 thousand
  • UGIC was established in 1991 and has been listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange since 1993. Under the name of the United Gulf Industries Corporation.
  • UGIC has a long experience in finding investment opportunities in the industrial sector.
  • UGIC is committed to the standards of transparency in work and strength of achievement, as evidenced by its uniqueness and the diversity of the factories it has established since its establishment.
  • UGIC distributed dividends and achieved consecutive profits in the economic recession and the collapse of other companies as a result of UGIC's leading risk management policies.